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Our Founder

Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah fell in love with hair at the age of two, which played a huge role in our company.  At the age of five, God told Sire Eminence she would own a hair care line and during her natural and chemical-free transition, she discovered that the in-store hair products were not exactly “natural.”

 So, Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah began to research and cultivate organic oils and vitamins with the help of God and her Mom, and before she knew it, God said “go forth” and His words of Natural Goddess were born. This was all completed at Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah’s tender age of 17 while dealing with serious health issues and the loss of her dear brother, Jordan. While times were extremely hard for her, she accredits her faith plus help in God; Help, love, and encouragement of her Mother that kept her going. They knew she couldn’t stop where she was. The world needed her products

Soon after the Natural Goddess brand was up and running, The Natural Adonis brand followed with the Natural Adonis Hair Custard being the first product. The Natural Adonis brand is very dear to her heart because it is her brother Jordan’s brand/legacy who is now in heaven.

  Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah just thought it was about the hair care until customers came back with marvelous testimonials of how it reversed their psoriasis, mended their eczema, and grew hair back from years of suffering from alopecia.

 Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah’s main goal has been to be the solution to the problem. “If I can at least help one customer with what has been ailing them, whether it is hair loss, eczema, or even beard care, then I’ve done my job for that day” – Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah

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