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Why Deep Conditioning is Important

What is deep conditioning?

Deep Conditioning is a step in wash day that requires applying a thick conditioner with added moisture and vitamins like A, D, and E.

It is usually applied after the conditioning step and depending on directions, it can be left of the hair for 3mins-30mins.

There are many forms of deep conditioners on the market. Some great things that make a good deep conditioner are hydration, added slip, vitamins, amino acids, and conditioning oils.

Deep Conditioning is excellent for all hair types and textures. It is always recommended for dry hair sufferers, brittle hair, breakage, colored treated hair, medication users, and gray-haired Kings and Queens.

This added method of deep conditioning in your hair care routine can promote healthy hair growth. The added love in this step gives your hair strands the strength it needs to withstand the day-to-day styling and lifestyle.

One of the BEST deep conditioners on the market is our versatile Natural Goddess Primo Conditioner. Distribute all-over hair and sit under a hooded dryer with a cap for 15 minutes to revive your hair. Style as usual and remember "a little goes a LONG way".

How often do you Deep Condition your hair?

  • 0%Every Week

  • 0%Every 2 Weeks

  • 0%Once A Month

  • 0%If I Remember

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